Hi Taunie, I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the pictures...we love them :) I really appreciate all of your time and effort! Thanks for burning the CD for us too, our internet is terrible... That's first on my list for fixing over 'holiday break!' Hope you had a Happy Halloween!! Thanks again, Kelly Moore
Taunie took our wedding photos this April. We were SO thrilled with every single shot she took! She is BEYOND talented and such a pleasure to work with! I felt so accommodated to and special! I am so excited to share all of her beautiful work with everyone! Thank you Taunie for capturing the biggest day of our lives in such a beautiful way! We can not wait to work with you again! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I had an excellent time with Taunie doing my band, MC Wrenn and The White Chocolates, photo shoot. Speaking for my bandmates, we couldn't be happier with the experience and the final result!
Taunie pictorially recorded a family sledding outing last winter and I have never enjoyed a group of photos so much. She precisely caught the FUN of the outing with candid photos and showing the joys those of us ALL ages exhibited. She has a flowering talent and a wonderful eye.
Taunie is my sister. She did my engagement pictures for me. I had a blast! She makes you very comfortable when she gets "all in your business . . ." as she would put it and makes having pictures taken turn out to be a fun experience. They turned out awesome!!! I am now an expecting mother with my first child . . . I wouldn't ask anyone else to take his first pictures!
Taunie did maternity photos of our daughter that will be treasured forever. Our new grandson, Wyatt, will be able to see the love between his parents due to Taunie's ability to capture moments, not just take pictures. I wish that Danielle and her new family lived closer so that I could have Taunie follow up with the newborn photos of Wyatt...unfortunately they live 1400 miles away. Taunie's love of photography shows in every picture that she takes!
How do you thank someone that captures the happiest moment in your life so it will live forever? Taunie took my bridal portraits a few weeks before the big day and she did an AMAZING job! The last few weeks leading up to your wedding are so crazy and hectic, but the whole experience is truly something to cherish forever. And now, that's exactly what I can do. Taunie showed up ready to go, but I was very nervous. She helped me to relax and was able to really bring out my personality. We've known each other for about four years so she knew the right locations, poses, etc. that would bring ME into the pictures. Many people have seen them and, hands down, EVERYONE has asked me who took them. I very proudly say that my friend, Taunie, took them and I've had the pleasure of seeing her talent develop into what it is today. I cannot wait to have her take pictures for me over the next few years and beyond as my new husband and I start our family. Thank you, Taunie, for helping me never forget the happiest time in my life (so far... :))!!
Taunie has done 2 sets of photos for us. The first set was our family photos and the second set was for my daughter for her preschool graduation. Taunie has the wonderful ability to "see" what most cant. She captures pictures that take your breath away. She came to me, which made it so much easier instead of being in a studio setting and trying to keep the kids from running around. And speaking of children, she is absoultly, hands down wonderful with them! She can get the most beautiful shot of your child, even if you think...." Why arnt they smiling....I wish they would just sit still." I will NEVER go to a studio again and get the average pictures again. I have the most beautiful pictures of my family that look natural and fun. Thank you Taunie for turning picture time from a very stresssful event to one I look forward to. You are the best!
From the minute I saw Taunie's Blog I knew I wanted her to take Pictures for my Daughter's Senior Year! I knew that she had that "special" eye for color-backgrounds & poses that capture an emotion, not just a pose. I had been enjoying her pics on her blog & finally the day came for My Daugther's Sr Pics! With my Daughter's busy schedule it would have been painful to schedule with any other photographer other than Taunie!! We had to change our appointment times & Taunie was awesome at getting us in at a time that worked for all of us! During the Shoot- I knew that my Daughter would love her- & she did!!! Taunie was fun & helped my Daughter be herself to get the "real" her vs just a pose. After viewing the pics online & couldn't wait to see them in person- so many GREAT ones to choose from! Then, when we finally decided & got the prints- the quality was GREAT & Taunie took the extra time to proof them Just to make sure that we would be happy...AND she Hand Delivered.... After I got the prints I wanted MORE!! Now- to decide which ones! Thanks Taunie for a fantastic experience! Fun- Professional- & of the Utmost Quality. :-) Love Love Love Profound Photo!
So, where do I start? Taunie and I have been friends for at least 12 years. Maybe even more. You could always count on her to have a camera wherever she went. We have daughters that are the same age, Jillian and Katie. They are besties. She has taken so many fun pics of these two over the years, from the zoo, the science center, a fishing trip to name a few. (I also have a 1 year old son, Benjamin these days) The point is, Taunie has always had a love for photography, but it has been more recently over the last year that I have really seen her growing and blossoming into an amazing photographer. Now, I know what you are thinking, we're friends. So of course I have to go on about how great she is. Wrong. I am probably the most picky person (just ask anyone) and when I say she is amazing, it's true. Just look at her gallery and you will see. In fact, I'm sure my son Benjamin's 1 year pics will be posted soon. She just shot those today. I will NEVER go anywhere else for family pictures now that Taunie has started doing them. And, it doesn't hurt that she is hysterically goofy and funny, and makes every shoot so much fun! She always manages to get great shots, even when the kids are grumpy. I just can't get over it. Anyway, I could go on all day long, but I'll leave some room for other folks, I suppose. Now Taunie, can you get Ben's 1 year pics posted already? Ha, just kidding.

You did such a great job – they are the best pics we’ve ever had taken, and we’ve had a lot of pics taken. ;) Thanks again!