october 9, 2016

I was so excited when I got the request to take these maternity photos.  I love maternity sessions. Really, there's not any types of photos that I don't enjoy taking, but maternity pictures are so special.  I have two kids and through both pregnancies I gained a HUGE amount of weight .  I did not feel pretty, I felt like I was as big as a house.  I had maternity pictures taken by a friend of mine when I was pregnant with my second child and I remember that they made me feel absolutely beautiful!  That's what I want to do with the photos I take for these amazing and beautiful pregnant mamas. 

This shoot, in particular, had some special meaning to me because I used to babysit her and her younger brother and sister when I was just 18, which was a long time ago.  It was amazing to see her now pregnant with her own child, glowing in happiness.  I can't wait to meet Baby Rayne!!

  • Turner-11 Matte
  • Turner-18 BW
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